Data-driven management

In today's society, where data is a source of competitiveness, decisions based on data, not experience or intuition, are required. Companies must promote data-driven management by creating new value through data integration and utilization. Fujitsu's diverse range of experts use industry knowledge and data analytics to help you run a data-driven business.


Data engineering

We support a variety of industries and utilize data linkage and AI and machine learning technologies. Leverage data in real time to solve customer challenges and transform your business. 

Data-driven consulting

Utilize our industry knowledge and data analysis technology to help solve management issues and maximize corporate value. Combine vast amounts of data to unlock new insights and transform your business.

Data platforms

Leverage vast amounts of data to derive new insights and help transform your business. Data integration and real-time utilization are possible, contributing to efficiency and optimization of business processes.

Featured offerings

Business services

At Fujitsu, we believe that digital business transformation is about far more than just efficient business operations, which is why we have developed a suite of digital business services that focus on creating new business opportunities.
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Drive process optimisation

As Robotics Process Automation (RPA) PA technology and its adoption matures the market has reached a watershed moment. We strongly believe in the benefits of automation to emulate human interaction to decrease costs, improve efficiency and reduce errors.
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Delivery work optimisation

Each year, around 80% of the global trade volume is transported by sea, underpinning maritime as an invaluable sector to the world’s economy. Because of this, it’s never been more important for port authorities to develop their maritime assets and services.
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Digital annealer

The Digital Annealer computational architecture bridges the gap to the quantum world and paves the way for much faster, more efficient solving of today’s business problems. 
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Emissions in the shipping industry and sustainability as a business strategy

The International Maritime Industry (IMO) - the industry’s leading regulator - agreed to eliminate all GHG emissions ‘by or around 2050’, with further indicative checkpoints to be reached by 2030 and 2040.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer Stories

A man and a woman in lab gear are looking at a shelf of medical supplies

Bidafarma - Delivering medicine sustainably

Bidafarma has worked with Fujitsu to optimize distribution from its warehouses to its pharmacies. Fujitsu created an algorithm that automatically calculates the most efficient and sustainable delivery routes, reducing costs and fuel emissions by 25%.

Botanical Water Technologies - Delivering a new source of water

Botanical Water Technologies (BWT) uses its own technology to harvest, filter and purify water during food production. It chose Fujitsu based on its expertise and sustainability culture as a partner to create a blockchain platform that would enable the secure trading of water.
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TU Delft - Solving the world’s greatest challenges with data

TU Delft ranks among the top 10 engineering and technology universities in the world. More than 27,000 students and 6,500 employees who share a love of science, design, and technology are united by a common mission: to make an impact for a better society.
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Township of Barsbüttel - Data monitoring for best energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in public buildings is a top priority for the township of Barsbüttel. To take one step closer to this goal, Fujitsu has captured and evaluated a wide range of room data in real time.
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