Work Life Shift

In the new normal era, companies need to make efforts to both reform the way employees work, and enhance their lives. Fujitsu's Work Life Shift proposes a new way of working by enabling sustainable business and employee wellbeing.


Smart working

Smart working enables employees to autonomously choose the best way to work, creating a new normal for high productivity and innovation.

Borderless office

Providing employees with the freedom to choose whether they work from home, a hub office, or a satellite office, we realize a way of working that creates high productivity and innovation.

Culture change

Total shift in work and life to pursue sustainable business and individual wellbeing. It promotes cultural change and creates high productivity and innovation.

Featured offerings

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Reimagine work and life

At Fujitsu, we believe an adaptive enterprise is critical to unlocking success in uncertain times. It enables you to pivot from risk, continuously add value, deliver new customer experiences and improve operational effectiveness. FUJITSU Work Life Shift builds an adaptive enterprise. This accelerates your cost restructuring activities, enabling you to emerge in a more agile, resilient form.


Moving to the Future of Hybrid Work: Survey Report HSM Advisory and Fujitsu's Global Survey of the State and Future of Hybrid Work

HSM Advisory, established by Professor Linda Gratton of the London Business School, and Fujitsu jointly conducted a survey in September 2020 focusing on how companies are responding to major changes in society and the workplace, and what employees think about working. Based on the survey results, we have compiled a report with examples of current issues, future possibilities, and best practices in hybrid work.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer Stories

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Australia Post - Driving digital inclusion in First Nations Communities

Increasing economic opportunities and independence of First Nations people through greater involvement in the innovation economy.

Westpac - Enabling remote productivity for 5k+ users

Westpac required a new digital workspace partner and chose Fujitsu to deliver multiple application and device services. Fujitsu also deployed a new virtual private network (VPN) to handle the increase in traffic generated by working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Carl Zeiss AG - IT service desk: fast, reliable, and global

Carl Zeiss AG requires reliable first-level support in order to effectively resolve IT problems in time. Fujitsu provides a global IT service desk for this purpose, which guarantees 24/7 accessibility and a high degree of technical expertise.
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Centrica plc - Partnering to accelerate digitisation

Centrica adopted Microsoft Power Platform to give the business autonomy over its app development. When internal IT resources are stretched, Centrica wanted to find a way to swiftly scale to support the business. Fujitsu provides expertise and resources to build and manage large and complex apps.
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