Public sector

Governments and local governments are facing declining birthrates, an aging population and worsening financial conditions. To address these issues, it is essential to improve efficiency through the use of data and area-wide cooperation. Fujitsu contributes to sustainable community development by revitalising local communities and optimising administrative operations and procedures.


Building safe and secure towns

With the aim of creating a sustainable society, we will work with governments and municipalities to create resilient communities that are accessible to all residents.

Contribution to the space and weather industries

We are working hard to realise the future of our society by promoting safe and efficient space development and global environmental protection with cutting-edge technologies.

Business optimisation

By improving efficiency through business process analysis and leveraging ICT, we will improve resident services and reduce administrative burdens by reforming working styles.

Transformation of public welfare

We provide a one-stop comprehensive welfare service tailored to each local community and resident, responding to declining birthrates, aging population and deteriorating financial conditions, and realizing a future for children and a society where no one is left behind.

National security

We have the technological capabilities and reliability to support national security and provide secure cloud services to governments and local governments. Through this, we are strengthening information management and cybersecurity measures, and playing a role in protecting the safety and livelihood of the people.

Enriching the lives of residents

We utilise digital technology to create a safe and comfortable community, facing local issues and supporting the realization of smart cities in which residents play a leading role.

Enhancing students' learning experiences

We use digital technology to help students enhance their learning experiences, improve the quality of education and research activities, and create a better learning environment.

Operational innovation in agriculture

We drive smart agriculture using digital technology to solve the problems of aging population and shortage of human resources. We aim to achieve stable agricultural production by making full use of AI and IoT to improve efficiency and save labor.


Leaving no-one behind – 8 steps towards an inclusive digital government

In today's digital economy, digital inclusion is often neglected, despite technology's growing importance in our daily lives. As online interactions and transactions become more prevalent, it's essential to ensure that everyone has access to the digital world. Unfortunately, global access to technology and the internet is unequal, making digital well-being a pressing issue that requires action and investment.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world