We have a long history working at the highest levels of security in close partnership with Defence and national security organisations in Australia and around the world. We leverage our skills to deliver strategic advantage based on advanced technologies, and expert-driven project delivery. With our portfolio of highly secure digital integration solutions, we enable Defence to extend its capability and functionality across all five domains: land, maritime, air, space, cyber and information, offering increased agility on deployed operations.


Computing and network

With Fujitsu computing technologies, we enable Defence to access, use and deliver results from the world’s most powerful high-performance computers and quantum-inspired technology. Defence’s networks are a core capability.

AI, data and security

Fujitsu AI technologies and advanced analytics enable decision-making advantage. Our technologies are highly flexible and can be tailored to any operational requirement in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner.

Converging and emerging technology

Fujitsu is a pioneer in the convergence of digital technologies and is continuing to invest heavily in these areas to develop the tools needed to shape the future for the better.

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Defence in APAC

For more than four decades Fujitsu has innovated with the ADF to deliver mission-focused information, co-creating new technologies and capabilities to ensure Defence is prepared and ready to defend, fight, and win in a digital age.


Next Generation Logistics for Defence (White Paper)

As defence depends increasingly on sustaining complex, new and evolving warfighting systems, the need for effective and adaptable logistics grows ever more vital.  

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer stories

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Soldier On - Helping change more veterans’ lives

Enabling Soldier On to automate manual tasks to provide much needed support for modern-day veterans of the Australian Defence Force.