Hybrid IT and cloud services

Our cloud platforms enable low-cost IT infrastructure development, simplifying management and reducing costs. They are also highly scalable, allowing for flexible response to business expansion and change. For many companies, this is an important factor in making their business more competitive. Fujitsu offers cloud platforms to meet customer needs.


Cloud modernization

To accelerate digital transformation, we modernize existing systems and provide an environment for rapid and flexible application development.

Design and operation of cloud infrastructure

Fujitsu can help you find the perfect network environment for uninterrupted automation and secure connectivity.

IT infrastructure implementation operations

We help customers operate edge devices by leveraging digitalization, cloud services, automation, efficiency, and offshoring. This facilitate business growth by addressing work style reforms and IT talent shortages.

IT infrastructure maintenance

Standardized processes are used to build high-quality systems within short delivery times, and proprietary maintenance tools are used to detect early warning signs and shorten recovery times. We provide a safe operating environment for our customers.


Flexible infrastructure can be built on our cloud platforms, providing a consistent experience from rapid system deployment to operational management. Optimize your hybrid IT environment to help your company become more efficient and grow.


Delivers efficient system deployment and operation management, and provides all in one functionality required for remote work. Low-cost, scalable and flexible to meet the needs of businesses and local governments.

Data centers

Support your business growth with robust, high-security facilities and high-quality operations. Our environmental value services also enable us to utilize renewable energy and reduce GHG emissions.

Featured offerings

Datacenter services

As a global pioneer in technology and business solutions, we navigate the swiftly changing market landscape by harnessing advanced technology to address both business and societal challenges. Our rich heritage is rooted in continuous innovation and expertise, with a relentless commitment to facilitating our customers' success. At the heart of our strategy lies a customer-focused approach, with our objective being a reliable partner for our clients.
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Cloud management

Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service powers your cloud strategy and vision. It reduces the complexity of managing your cloud services and helps provide great experiences to your customers. We're comitted to offer you an agile, proactive and reliable service, by combining automation, unmatched expertise, and leading-edge technologies to help you control costs, free people to do higher-value tasks, and ensure both compliance and security.
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Cloud transformation

Organizations want to have a better view of how to optimize IT spending and how to increase the quality of digital services to customers. Technical debt and shadow IT are maintaining the status quo of keeping the lights on, while the business is asking for innovation aligned to business strategies. A digital first approach accelerates your time to market and increases your real-time decision making focusing on customer value.
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Hybrid IT

In this new connected world, a strong and resilient digital infrastructure foundation will be required for close collaboration. At Fujitsu, we are enabling a new future with resilient IT infrastructure that’s agile, scalable and secure. Through our core technologies we are helping to realize a global society where people, goods, and things are securely and sustainably connected in a way that solves social problems and creates new value.
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The new approach to composable ERP

The manufacturing digital landscape has experienced significant change over the past few years. We have moved into the era of composable ERP and we're starting to see significant benefits.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer stories

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BlueScope Australian Steel Products - Higher performance with Azure

Versor, a Fujitsu company, helped steel maker BlueScope ASP migrate its on-premises data lake platform to a new Microsoft Azure Modern Data Platform, which can be replicated worldwide. Gaining speed and scale, it now delivers data to its Australian business faster for analysis and forecasting.

Meridian Energy Ltd - Fujitsu delivers data power to Meridian

As a national supplier of sustainable energy, the efficient management of data on a large-scale is a critical requirement for Meridian Energy. Doing so effectively ensures continuity of supply for customers, and plays a key role in keeping costs under control.
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Whitbread Group - Creating a Springboard™ to Azure Cloud

A seamless transition that will foster innovation, improve sustainability, enhance operational visibility and lower costs.
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Environment Agency - Proactivity brings added value

England’s Environment Agency relies on Fujitsu to manage its critical Flood Warning System (FWS). Fujitsu proactively moved the crucial system to the public cloud. Hosting it in Amazon Web Services (AWS) has increased scalability, reliability and visibility.
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