Resources and energy

Fujitsu supports the energy sector's shift towards sustainability by developing next-gen energy platforms and optimizing operations. As the industry faces the trilemma of affordability, sustainability, and security, Fujitsu aids in adopting renewable resources and digital transformation, promoting decentralized energy models and enhancing efficiency, asset maximization, and market offerings.


Smart grid

We are optimizing the introduction of renewable energy and energy cost control by combining digital technologies that support the smart grid and ICT with electrical control technologies.

Business optimization

Utilizes AI technology to analyze work and reduce operational load. Behavior analysis technology and demand forecasting solutions improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Data driven culture and AI

Fostering a data-driven culture with AI, empowering Operations, HR, Safety, and ESG with robust data analytics and actionable insights for enhanced decision-making.

Security for systems and OT

Enhancing security for industrial control systems and operational technology to safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure operational integrity.

Cyber security

Ensuring cyber security for large, mobile workforces and operations to maintain safety and protect against digital threats.

Transforming systems

Revamping core legacy systems into advanced, secure, and scalable solutions for enhanced performance and reliability.

Related solutions

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Creating 21st century energy and utility companies

Digital technologies, pioneered in other sectors, are helping existing energy producers to flex to new realities – and enabling new entrants to defray the high capital cost of scaling rapidly in extremely competitive markets. Fujitsu helps transfer the lessons of digital transformation to both. We connect assets, intelligence and the workforce to deliver.


Making Sustainability Transformation a reality: Our key message behind the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2023

The Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision (FT&SV) 2023, its 11th edition, addresses global challenges like geopolitical risks and environmental issues. Fujitsu aims to confront these through innovative solutions, as explained by Hiroshi Nishikawa. The FT&SV showcases Fujitsu's future vision and commitment to realizing its Purpose amidst complex global challenges.

Hiroshi Nishikawa

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer stories

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Alinta Energy - Powers ahead with cloud-based data warehouse and AI infused analytics

Alinta Energy is one of the first companies in Australia to use Azure Synapse Analytics, the latest evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse which promises a limitless analytics service bringing together enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics.

Botanical Water Technologies - Delivering a new source of water

Botanical Water Technologies (BWT) uses its own technology to harvest, filter and purify water during food production. It chose Fujitsu based on its expertise and sustainability culture as a partner to create a blockchain platform that would enable the secure trading of water.
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Centrica plc - Partnering to accelerate digitisation

Centrica adopted Microsoft Power Platform to give the business autonomy over its app development. When internal IT resources are stretched, Centrica wanted to find a way to swiftly scale to support the business. Fujitsu provides expertise and resources to build and manage large and complex apps.
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EnBW Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AG - Framework for successful IT strategy

EnBW ODR wanted to realign its IT strategy to meet the future challenges of the digitalized energy market. The objective was to meet current requirements with regard to cloud use and flexibility as well as to enhance the company’s attractiveness as an employer.
An electric vehicle on the road passing though a green field with a solar panel