A statement from the Fujitsu Group on the Post Office Horizon IT

The Fujitsu Group regards this matter with the utmost seriousness and offers its deepest apologies to the sub-postmasters and their families.

The UK statutory public Inquiry, to which our UK subsidiary is providing full cooperation, is examining complex events that have unfolded over many years, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to this cooperation. Based on the findings of the Inquiry, we will also be working with the UK government on the appropriate actions, including contribution to compensation.

The Fujitsu Group hopes for a swift resolution that ensures a just outcome for the victims. 

Transformation into a regenerative enterprise Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2024

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Fujitsu in the UK

Fujitsu in the UK

Over 7,000 Fujitsu colleagues in the UK are passionate about innovation and delivering the technology that powers your daily life – banking, shopping, government services. We're a leader in sustainable technology, building a better future for all. 

Our capabilities

Data and AI

AI Revolution: Ready to Adapt? Fujitsu's human-centered AI unlocks efficiency, tackles challenges and fuels UK business success. Empower your workforce, embrace the future.
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Digital Workplace

Work Reimagined: AI and tech change work - adapt or fall behind. Fujitsu's HX Workspace empowers your people & business. Thrive in the future, together.
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Struggling with efficiency and customer experience? Our secure, scalable cloud apps leverage cutting-edge tech. We co-create workflows to streamline processes, use data effectively, and boost speed, productivity & customer satisfaction.
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Customer stories

Showcasing Birmingham to the world

Fujitsu’s strategy for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games was to leverage close collaborations and partnerships to manage logistical complexities, resources and time constraints to ensure the delivery of critical network infrastructure.
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Creating a Springboard™ to Azure Cloud

Whitbread engaged Fujitsu to manage its cloud migration, using Fujitsu Springboard™ for Azure as part of the Fujitsu Cloud Management Service (FCMS).
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Partnering to accelerate digitisation

Fujitsu developed an archive solution on Oracle Autonomous Database for the council, enabling secure cloud storage and a tailored reporting system.
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A vision of organisations beyond the tipping point

With the evolution of AI and sustainability now becoming critical management priorities, how should organisations transform in response to these twin pressures?
We believe that the key word for our time is Regeneration. We need to regenerate the global environment and ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life. Rapidly evolving digital technologies have great potential to regenerate both the environment and people’s well-being. We refer to organisations that use technology to create net positive value for the environment, economy, and well-being as regenerative enterprises.

The world is changing and so is Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.

We have reconsidered what role Fujitsu should play in this changing world. We are transforming ourselves to help you transform. The world is changing and so is Fujitsu.

Careers at Fujitsu UK

At Fujitsu we can only build trust in society through innovation if we trust our people to deliver solutions that deliver lasting change. Search our current opportunities.

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