Application modernisation and transformation

To win in the digital world, enterprises need to be agile, have a flexible architecture, resilient and scalable applications underpinned by intelligent data analytics capability. Fujitsu offers an array of data and application services that can help take your applications into the digital era, whilst supporting your unique business needs.


Enterprise applications

Fujitsu offers Enterprise-level packaged software for mid to large size organizations.

Enterprise integration

Accelerate digital value delivery and productivity.

Data and AI

Data and AI offerings applies statistical, machine learning and big data techniques to solve real-world business challenges.

Featured offerings

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Data applications services

In the digital landscape, success hinges on enterprise agility, flexible architecture, and robust, scalable applications bolstered by smart data analytics. Fujitsu provides a range of data and application services designed to usher your applications into the digital age, all while catering to your specific business requirements.


How City West Water partnered with Fujitsu to create an Advanced Data Analytics solution

City West Water is one of three Victorian Government owned retail water businesses in metro Melbourne. The organisation provides drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to more than a million residents and more than 40,000 businesses in Melbourne.

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world