Business applications

Many companies are faced with management issues such as improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. To address these issues, it is important to use the latest technologies to optimise business processes and utilise data. Fujitsu business applications deliver innovative workflows that improve operational speed, employee productivity and the consumer experience.



Catching customer feedback and implementing a data-driven approach to sales process reform helps transform customer front operations and contributes to business value.


With over 40 years of experience, this integrated business solution meets the needs of the times. Achieve data-driven management and help transform business processes and organisations. We will contribute to improving efficiency and enhancing competitiveness.

Application development, operation, and modernisation

Accelerated development and flexible change to help you modernise your existing systems and drive your business value and digital transformation.

Communication and collaboration

We utilise the cloud infrastructure to realise an efficient communication environment and support work style reform and business problem solving.


Fujitsu and ServiceNow collaborate to enhance employee and customer experiences. Our comprehensive services optimise your ServiceNow investment, whether it's streamlining processes, transforming customer interactions, or managing the Now Platform. With Fujitsu's trusted reputation and global expertise, we're your partner for lasting organisational change.


The new approach to composable ERP that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars

The manufacturing digital landscape has experienced significant change over the past few years. We have moved into the era of composable ERP and we're starting to see significant benefits.

A worker touching a material made by composable ERP

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world