Digital transformation

Digital transformation means bringing together a broad ecosystem of start-ups, research bodies, and partner companies to evolve your business. Our ability to leverage global expertise on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and more, digitally transforms how your business operates.


Co-design workshops

Highly interactive workshops that empower clients to innovate and advance through their digital transformation adventure.


Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) carries the potential to revolutionize the way that businesses transact with their customers and with each other.

AI and cognitive

AI solutions centered firmly on empowering workers and citizens, creating value and supporting the work they do.

Featured offerings


Co-creating with Camp Quality to support children through their journey with cancer

Earlier this year, Fujitsu’s Co-creation team facilitated a HXD Workshop with Camp Quality, Australia's most reputable children's cancer charity for kids aged 0-13. For the last 5 years Fujitsu has been a proud supporter of Camp Quality, hosting various events and raising over $500,000 to help children and their families through their journey with cancer.

A close up shot of a computer screen of a virtual meeting

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world