Hybrid IT and cloud services

Our cloud platforms enable low-cost IT infrastructure development, simplifying management and reducing costs. They are also highly scalable, allowing for flexible response to business expansion and change. For many companies, this is an important factor in making their business more competitive. Fujitsu offers cloud platforms to meet customer needs.


Cloud modernisation

To accelerate digital transformation, we modernise existing systems and provide an environment for rapid and flexible application development.

Design and operation of cloud infrastructure

Fujitsu can help you find the perfect network environment for uninterrupted automation and secure connectivity.

IT infrastructure implementation operations

We help customers operate edge devices by leveraging digitalization, cloud services, automation, efficiency, and offshoring. This facilitate business growth by addressing work style reforms and IT talent shortages.

IT infrastructure maintenance

Standardized processes are used to build high-quality systems within short delivery times, and proprietary maintenance tools are used to detect early warning signs and shorten recovery times. We provide a safe operating environment for our customers.


Accelerating AI Innovation

AI is rapidly becoming a critical catalyst, driving innovation, transformation and competitiveness.

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