Fujitsu have been the trusted partner of state, territory, and federal government for decades. We are known for our ability to deliver planned and sustainable transformation – transforming people, processes, and technology to support core government business and improve citizens’ lives. Our work continues to make a difference supporting government operations to become more efficient, data-driven, and fit for the digital age.


Consulting services

Fujitsu's consultants help connect people, data, and operations to deliver data-driven insights and support decision making and our agile business-led approach delivers rapid and measurable benefits.

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Government in APAC

We are committed to developing innovative digital solutions that helps bring about a safe, secure, and resilient society. We have developed technologies to support our law enforcement and emergency responders.


The importance of human-centred design – designing services for real people

Our days are filled with people asking us questions and requesting our help. Our service desks are clogged with phone calls and support requests. And a new chat bot is born every day to answer the never-ending slew of questions.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world