Fujitsu supports Health and Life Sciences customers on their journey toward digital health so that together we can improve health outcomes for citizens. Our Capabilities are where our strengths lie in delivering innovative and differentiated technology Solutions that deliver value to our customers. Whether it is discovering new medicines, administering them to patients or anything in between, our technology is used by health systems all around the world. Core to our focus on digital health is the philosophy of democratisation, that by improving equity and access to health for all, workforce and patients can deliver and receive better health. As a result, we improve customer experience and population health services are delivered affordably.


Data Driven Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Fujitsu. While we deliver managed services for many customers, we are constantly analysing the data to understand if there is room for improvement or efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience

Understanding the healthcare experiences that citizens expect has become critical to achieving positive health outcomes. Workers who are not given digital tools are more likely to leave or complain that they cannot deliver quality care.

Digital Health Enablement

Public Health services and corporate health providers operate at scale caring for the lives of many millions of patients. They typically employ large ICT teams to ensure that the clinical workforce have 24/7 access to resilient and robust systems so they can focus on patient care.

Smart Hospitals

Health services are transforming digitally. Hospitals experience operational pressures to increase productivity. This means they need to increase the number of patients they see without increasing their service costs.

Life Sciences

The challenges society faces to evolve and grow sustainably cannot be overcome by the thinking that brought us to where we are now. All the stakeholders in the Life Sciences ecosystem including industry, government and academia are needed to focus on the wicked problems that science must resolve for humanity.

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Healthcare in APAC

In a society where misinformation is amplified and there is intensified uncertainty about the global climate, national economy and personal privacy, Fujitsu is focussed on trust. We know that trust is needed for health ecosystems to grow and personal health to flourish. Our culture is inclusive, responsible, innovative, we deliver on our commitments.


Upgrading private health Wi-Fi system to enable Virtual Connected Care

Virtual Connected Care utilises technology to improve the flow of information between patients, carers, and healthcare teams. It enables analysis coordination, decision making and improved health outcomes.

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world