The environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is changing due to globalisation, the rise of emerging economies, energy conservation, environmental issues and an aging society. It is important for companies to use data analysis to improve productivity and quality while developing next-generation technologies and taking energy-saving and environmental measures. Fujitsu leverages its expertise from its own practices and years of support for customer business systems to comprehensively support the transformation of factories, supply chains, and tools for employees.


Smart factory

Utilizing IoT and AI, we provide data visualization, productivity improvement, quality improvement and cost reduction. The ability to easily utilize our advanced network technologies also addresses complexity and security challenges.

Supply chain management

Utilizing digital technology, we visualize and automate manufacturing, distribution, and sales operations. We aim to maximize customer value by visualizing the end-to-end supply chain and automating and improving the efficiency of production processes.

QCDE improvement in product development operations

Enhance competitiveness in the manufacturing industry by improving quality, cost, delivery time and efficiency. State-of-the-art technology and performance-based services help standardize operations and streamline production management systems.


How to prime for sustainable growth in the manufacturing industry

To thrive in a volatile, uncertain, and complex business environment and in an economy that is increasingly digital and sustainable, manufacturers need to holistically transform their organization to ensure longā€term shareholder value and profitable outcomes while being a positive force in society.

A jar of coins with a plant coming out of it

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world