Mobility and transportation

In the mobility sector, market competition is growing fiercer, owing to the wave of digital transformation (DX). To succeed, companies must gather and effectively leverage data to innovate their products and revolutionise their logistics operations. Fujitsu offers digital twin solutions and robust security measures designed to expedite digital transformation within the mobility industry, and contribute to the realisation of a future mobility society centered around human needs.


Connected car

We facilitate the advancement of connected automobiles and the implementation of V2X technology, connecting vehicles to their drivers and surroundings. We also offer comprehensive security protocols and operational management services.

Transformation of transportation

We offer mobility industry solutions harnessing ICT technology for seamless data collection, connectivity, and utilisation. This enhanced data management facilitates efficient matching, leading to improved convenience and operational efficiency.

Logistics transformation

We deploy a logistics DX strategy aimed at optimising logistics performance in the mobility industry.

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Transportation in APAC

In today’s digital age, transport operators face a unique challenge - how to deliver a truly seamless, high quality, reliable and affordable passenger-controlled journey while using capital-intensive physical infrastructure.


The Future of Mobility

In "The Future of Mobility", Fujitsu sets out the future vision of digitalized mobility services, and shows how Fujitsu can contribute through its efforts as a digital transformation partner to customers, especially in auto industry and adjacent industries.
By creating diversified mobility services, we will be able to realize sustainable economic growth, enabling us to solve difficult societal issues. Let’s take a look at the six emerging megatrends of mobility.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world