Public safety

We are committed to developing innovative digital solutions that helps bring about a safe, secure, and resilient society. We have developed technologies to support our law enforcement and emergency responders.


CAD (Multi-agency)

Fujitsu's Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) product manages the assignment and deployment of resources to emergency and non-emergency incidents.

Digital courts management

Digital Courts Management delivers automation, self-service and streamlined business processes, enabling timeliness and accuracy of court processes.

Case management

Agencies are able to efficiently collate and process information related to investigations through clear identification of the offence elements.

Critical infrastructure solutions

Fujitsu offers a complete all-hazards incident information management solution for first responders. It provides the information and tools to respond more efficiently and effectively to emergencies.

Emergency incident management

Fujitsu also offers Emergency Mobilisation software and hardware to dispatch emergency services.

Offender management

Advanced technologies to promote operational efficiencies and enable the highest levels of safety for organisations. Empowering teams with automated workflow, business intelligence and task management features.

Related solutions

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Public safety in APAC

We are known for our ability to deliver planned and sustainable transformation – transforming people, processes, and technology to support core government business and improve citizens’ lives. Our work continues to make a difference supporting government operations to become more efficient, data-driven, and fit for the digital age.


Partners in crime stopping

Behind the scenes, Australian law enforcement agencies use innovative technology to ensure the safety of the public as well as coordinate the force in the most efficient ways.

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