Resources and energy

There is an urgent need for the energy industry to address decarbonisation and sustainability. Companies should consider adopting renewable energy and using distributed energy resources. Fujitsu supports the energy industry by building next-generation energy platforms and optimising operations. This contributes to the sustainable development of the energy industry.


Data driven culture and AI

Putting powerful data analytics and actionable insights into the hands of Operations HR, Safety, and ESG.

Security for systems and OT

Security for industrial control systems and operational technology.

Smart supply chains

Simplifying and streamlining core business processes.

Smarter workforce

Making it easier to deliver on accountabilities and production. Enabling talent attraction and retention.

Transforming systems

Transforming core legacy systems into robust, sophisticated, secure, scalable solutions.

Cyber security

Keeping your large, mobile workforce and operations safe.

Smarter workflows

Simplify and streamline your enterprise operations through digital workflows.

Managed data centres

Data centres deliver highly secure, resilient, connected and scalable environments for your critical infrastructure.

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Mining and Resources in APAC

At Fujitsu, our aim is to support your operations as a mature, capable, & aligned partner.


Use technology to expand the use of renewable energy and improve the maintenance of transmission facilities

Chugoku Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Co., Inc. and Fujitsu conducted a demonstration test to expand the use of renewable energy in power transmission facilities and to upgrade transmission and maintenance services. In this article, we introduce the background of the start of the demonstration experiment, the details of the experiment, and the opinions of the people involved in the project.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world