Fujitsu's dynamic consulting roadmap guides businesses through change, emphasizing data-driven strategies and outcome-based planning. It's a living document, not just a plan, enabling effective governance, investment decisions, and organizational contribution understanding. Fujitsu combines industry expertise with data analytics to solve problems and enhance value.


Value Realization

Our Value Realization method uses the ResultsChain™ to link organizational activities to strategic outcomes, ensuring initiatives are interconnected, traceable, and valuable.

IT Value Assessment

Fujitsu's IT Value Assessment targets cost reduction, risk mitigation, and business value in IT, offering a strategic roadmap to optimize application spending and management.

Business Architecture

Our Business Architecture Consulting bridges strategy and execution, fosters IT-business alignment, and drives transformational change, reducing risks and navigating complexity.

Process Optimization

Navigate market forces with our approach to cut costs, minimize risk, and boost revenue through focused initiatives based on a deep understanding of your business processes and challenges.

Organizational Change Management

Our Business Architecture Consulting unites strategy with execution, aligns IT and business, and facilitates transformation, enabling clients to navigate complexity and mitigate risks.

Customer Experience (CX)

Fujitsu's CX consulting services focus on enhancing customer experiences by leveraging data insights and crafting cohesive journeys, tailored to align with your business strategy.

Featured offerings

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Management Consulting Services

Our roadmap acts as an organizational compass - helping clients make the necessary course corrections as conditions change. Our roadmap allows clients to raise awareness regarding the potential impacts of their decisions on their desired outcomes.


A legacy of innovation meets a legacy system: Fujitsu takes on an internal DX project with surprising results

Companies using legacy systems are a cause of economic stagnation and reduced international competitiveness, and – despite our expertise in DX innovation – Fujitsu was no exception. That was the catalyst for implementing a new internal approval system that ended up cutting lost time by 30%.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer stories

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Government of Canada - Transforming a nation’s social services

The Government of Canada has embarked on a large-scale transformation program to deliver a client-centric solution focused on digitally enabled excellence. It will transform social services into a modern platform, enabling Canada to become more agile in policy implementation and improve its citizens’ experience when accessing these services.

Uckermark District - Co-designing a vision for digitization

The workshop methodology used is a prime example of future interdisciplinary collaboration: structured, creative, and without red tape.
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Münchener Verein Versicherungsgruppe - The entire SAP landscape at a glance

Münchener Verein Versicherungsgruppe’s goal was to establish optimal transparency in its SAP landscape, reduce the amount of IT work, and avoid unnecessary investments. With the System Inspection Service from Fujitsu, the insurance company can now keep an eye on its entire SAP infrastructure.
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Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH - Rendering for 3D CAD models

For sales, marketing, and customers, Harro Höfliger needs photographic documentation of its machines in optimal quality. To achieve this, the KeyShot rendering tool is used to generate photo-realistic images from 3D CAD datasets—even from the home office, thanks to Fujitsu.
3D CAD Model