Network and security

As risks such as information leaks and unauthorized access increase, it is important for companies to take appropriate measures. Fujitsu offers a comprehensive range of solutions, from physical to cybersecurity, to increase the value of your network and security.



Ensure security in the digital age and address risks such as information leakage and unauthorized access. Leveraging advanced technologies and knowledge, we will enable companies to safely use the cloud and maintain and improve environments so they are less vulnerable to attacks.

Consulting services

Experienced experts help solve problems to drive DX. We respond to the latest cybersecurity threats to create and operate secure cloud environments and optimize risk management and internal controls.

Network services

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc., works with communications service providers and enterprises to build, operate and maintain the digital infrastructure that’s critical to a smart, connected society. We are experts in network digital transformation (DX) and we know how to meet the challenges of transforming networks to deliver high-performance, cloud-capable digital communications.

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Network services

Digital Transformation (DX) is about much more than modernizing or migrating systems. DX means taking a whole-organization view and radically reinventing ways for people, data, systems, and processes to come together and create new value. But before ideas, innovations, and visions can be realized, the communications network infrastructure must transform to enable them. And that means the network’s digital transformation comes first.
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Cyber Security for Operational Technology (OT)

With the rise of IT/OT convergence comes the added exposure to cyber attacks. Proactively limiting the risk of OT networks is key to embracing the rapid pace of digital disruption. Our experts are committed to offering you a secure network that provides around the clock protection for your industrial processes and business critical assets.
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Secure social data distribution

Teikoku Databank, Ltd. and Fujitsu conducted a demonstration test to realize a society in which transactions involving all digital documents are conducted properly and smoothly, and to promote the adoption of digital transformation technology by companies, aiming to popularize e-seals.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer stories

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Libraries NI - Digitally transforming the library experience

Libraries NI wanted to create a digital platform to transform library services throughout Northern Ireland, whilst maintaining secure access to its physical and digital assets. Fujitsu’s managed service allows Libraries NI to extend book lending services through digital channels, in the face of budgetary constraints. It enables self-service throughout 50+ libraries, underpinned by a reliable and secure platform, thereby improving the user experience.