Cloud platforms

Our cloud platforms enable low-cost IT infrastructure development, simplifying management and reducing costs. They are also highly scalable, allowing for flexible response to business expansion and change. For many companies, this is an important factor in making their business more competitive. Fujitsu offers cloud platforms to meet customer needs.



Flexible infrastructure can be built on our cloud platforms, providing a consistent experience from rapid system deployment to operational management. Optimize your hybrid IT environment to help your company become more efficient and grow.


From rapid system deployment to operational management on cloud platforms. Leveraging business process tools and cloud integration and integration capabilities to help businesses innovate digitally.


Delivers efficient system deployment and operation management, and provides all in one functionality required for remote work. Low-cost, scalable and flexible to meet the needs of businesses and local governments.

Data centers

Support your business growth with robust, high-security facilities and high-quality operations. Our environmental value services also enable us to utilize renewable energy and reduce GHG emissions.

Featured offerings

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Cloud transformation

Organizations want to have a better view of how to optimize IT spending and how to increase the quality of digital services to customers. Technical debt and shadow IT are maintaining the status quo of keeping the lights on, while the business is asking for innovation aligned to business strategies. A digital first approach accelerates your time to market and increases your real-time decision making focusing on customer value.


Accelerating AI innovation

AI is rapidly becoming a critical catalyst, driving innovation, transformation and competitiveness.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer stories

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Soldier On - Helping change more veterans’ lives

Enabling Soldier On to automate manual tasks to provide much needed support for modern-day veterans of the Australian Defence Force.

Fujitsu Hong Kong - Simplified platform lifts efficiency

With business space at a premium in Hong Kong, virtualisation is a popular option for the region’s businesses. Fujitsu Hong Kong regularly deployed Nutanix for its clients and saw an opportunity to apply the platform to its operations.
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Toll Group - Driving change in logistics with Azure

Toll Group, a global transportation and logistics company with dual headquarters in Australia and Singapore moved to modern data platform on the cloud and a focus on reporting.
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Education Authority (EA) of Northern Ireland - From complexity to simplicity

Dedicated to the education and support of children and young people, the Education Authority (EA) of Northern Ireland worked with Fujitsu to modernise and simplify the organisation’s finance, procurement, HR and payroll functions, finding solutions to existing and future challenges.
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