Mobility and transportation

In the competitive mobility sector, Fujitsu leads with digital transformation, leveraging data and digital twin technology to innovate and revolutionize logistics. Their solutions aim to expedite industry evolution, focusing on creating a sustainable, human-centric future mobility society. By integrating advanced security and prioritizing human needs, Fujitsu not only addresses current challenges but also shapes the future of transportation.


Transformation of transportation

We offer mobility industry solutions harnessing ICT technology for seamless data collection, connectivity, and utilization. This enhanced data management facilitates efficient matching, leading to improved convenience and operational efficiency.

Logistics transformation

We deploy a logistics DX strategy aimed at optimizing logistics performance in the mobility industry.

Connected car

We facilitate the advancement of connected automobiles and the implementation of V2X technology, connecting vehicles to their drivers and surroundings. We also offer comprehensive security protocols and operational management services.

Related solutions

Digital solutions for the maritime industry

Each year, around 80% of the global trade volume is transported by sea, underpinning maritime as an invaluable sector to the world’s economy. Because of this, it’s never been more important for port authorities to develop their maritime assets and services.
A large cargo ship, a truck and a plane next to each other

Delivery work optimisation

GlobeRanger IoT solutions are highly scalable and flexible, with applications across numerous industry sectors. We provide the world’s most advanced asset tracking solution, exploiting the true potential of the Internet of Things.
View of a city full of buildings, at night, with icons and illustrations coming out of them

Glovia OM

Integrate all of your business processes from sales to fulfillment with unmatched transparency and efficiency.
Aerial view of a port with a crane loading containers onto a ship, illustrating supply chain logistics.


How the COVID-19 pandemic will change the future of mobility

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the travel and transportation sectors, coinciding with the rapid advancement of digitalization in society. This shift is reshaping our perspective on mobility and necessitates a reimagining of physical spaces. It's time to collectively explore the transformative potential of digital mobility in our lives and industries.

A nighttime city skyline featuring modern buildings emitting various digital symbols, such as Wi-Fi, locks, and chatboxes, which interconnect and create a network above the city.

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer stories

A car from the brand 'Mazda' parked inside a factory

Mazda Logistics Europe - Driving faster resolution times

Mazda Logistics Europe wanted to replace its basic incident and service request management forms with a self-service portal. Fujitsu developed a system integrated with ServiceNow and Jira.

Smoothing traffic flows with AI analysis

Montréal is deploying a Fujitsu smart city AI solution to analyze the traffic flow of around 2,500 traffic lights to make informed decisions, helping the city take quick and decisive action to proactively reduce traffic-related issues before they occur.
A view of the port of a city

Network Rail - Digitising the UK national rail network

Through its engagement with Fujitsu Labs, Network Rail has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to automatically identify, catalogue and visualise a number of assets and their location.
A woman in protective gear exiting a truck

Toll Group - Driving change in logistics with Azure

Toll Group, a global transportation and logistics company with dual headquarters in Australia and Singapore moved to modern data platform on the cloud and a focus on reporting.
Expansive view of a city docks