Fujitsu is at the forefront of transforming the retail landscape to meet today's challenges, including evolving consumer demands and labor shortages. By harnessing digital technologies and aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Fujitsu is revolutionizing the retail industry. Key initiatives include digitizing the supply chain to enhance efficiency, leveraging innovative solutions to enrich the consumer buying experience, and implementing strategies to increase overall retailer productivity. Fujitsu's commitment to integrating digital advancements ensures retailers can adapt to changing market dynamics, offering a seamless, efficient, and sustainable shopping experience.


Digitization of the supply chain

We aim to maximize customer value by supporting the creation of end-to-end supply chains using digital technologies. We will achieve sustainable growth by improving efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, and conserving water resources.

Digital commerce

Improve customer experience and business efficiency with integrated omnichannel e-commerce solutions and frictionless cashless payments.

Business innovation for trading companies and wholesalers

We provide total support for increasing efficiency and creating added value in ordering and inventory management, and help our clients respond to changes in their industries.

Keeping you open for business around the clock

“Keeping the lights on” isn’t easy when your business has no off-switch. Customers want you to be ready for trading every minute of the day, everywhere in the world. The flexibility to shop, pay, deliver and return items however they want – even if they don’t start and finish in the same place.

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Glovia OM

Integrate all of your business processes from sales to fulfillment with unmatched transparency and efficiency.


What is the impact of digital transformation in the retail industry?

How will technology transform the retail industry? The retail industry is attracting attention as an industry where digitalization can significantly change the user experience. Fujitsu identifies 5 trends that will impact retail business in 2030 and suggests how they can contribute to the future of retail.

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Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

Customer stories

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The Home Depot - Job management system for home renovations

The Home Depot extended its existing FUJITSU GLOVIA® OM platform to support its new design center concept. The result is less painful, faster installations via an intuitive portal that provides visibility of all moving parts.

Whitbread Group - Creating a Springboard™ to Azure Cloud

Whitbread engaged Fujitsu to manage its cloud migration, using Fujitsu Springboard™ for Azure as part of the Fujitsu Cloud Management Service (FCMS). This ensured a seamless transition that will foster innovation, improve sustainability, enhance operational visibility and lower costs.
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Tabcorp - Racing forward with new Data Analytics and Digital Marketing Technology

Tabcorp engaged Fujitsu Data & AI to work with them on an approach that would see Tabcorp adopt advanced analytics, adapt its business models, and establish specialist data science teams that would allow them to outpace the competition.
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ESA - Evaluating SAP systems

To ensure that its SAP systems maintained optimal performance even during seasonal load peaks, the ESA purchasing organization had its entire SAP landscape evaluated over a period of several months using the SAP SystemInspection Service from Fujitsu—with outstanding results.
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